08 May 2014

Romanian Police Day

According to article 50 of the law no. 218 from 23.04.2002, the date of 25th of March have been established as the day of the Romanian Police.

The choice of this date is related to the Christian symbol of the Annunciation which was featured on the first flag of the Great Agia (18th – 19th century Romanian institution dealing with public order), symbol which have been incorporated on the current flag of the Romanian police as well.

In the year of 1822, Lord Grigore Dimitrie Ghica had handled to the great aga Mihăiță Filipescu (the police chief of that time) the standard on which the sigil of the Agia Flag is sewed. Next to the sigil is placed a golden wreath, inside it being shown the image of Virgin Mary encountering the angel who brings her the good announcement (The Annunciation).