National Central Bureau Interpol Bucharest

Romania is a founding member state of the International Criminal Police Organization/INTERPOL since 1923, when the Organisation itself was established. The Romanian Police has used this international police cooperation channel for almost 50 years since Romania’s re-accession in 1973.

INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) connects the operational units of Romanian Police, but also other specialised units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with police authorities and law enforcement agencies from 195 member states of the Organisation, through the global secure network available to serve this purpose, in order to prevent and combat transnational crime.


NCB Bucharest liaises the General Secretariat of the Organisation and the Romanian authorities, carrying out common projects and operations at regional and global level, in order to dismantle criminal groups acting internationally in drug trafficking, cybercrimes, environmental crimes, human trafficking etc. NCB Bucharest plays a major role in tracing and locating fugitives wanted by Romanian authorities, with successful apprehensions worldwide.

Reporting corruption cases

Did you hear about a corruption case? Toll-free call to the General Anticorruption Directorate : 0800.806.806