The Europol National Unit Romania (ENU) became operational in August 2004. ENU is the single point of contact between national law enforcement authorities and EUROPOL.

 ENU is a cooperation channel between the law enforcement authorities of member states and third countries or organisations which Europol has concluded cooperation agreements with. Cooperation facilitated by ENU aims to dismantle cross-border serious organised crime groups and terrorism.

 ENU ensures the exchange of information through the secure SIENA network and is a supplier in the Europol Information System (EIS). The EIS contains information on serious crimes, suspected and convicted persons, criminal structures, crimes and the means used to commit them.

 ENU has the role of national rapporteur for SOCTA (Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment). SOCTA provides the necessary information for the qualitative assessment of present and future threats and for establishing priorities regarding the fight against organised crime, at EU level.

 ENU ensures the exchange of police information prior to the establishment of a joint investigation team (JIT), as well as during the application of the JIT agreement.

Reporting corruption cases

Did you hear about a corruption case? Toll-free call to the General Anticorruption Directorate : 0800.806.806